Adding a Domain to the newly launched Hosting Service

I have a domain registered and I want to host a website on this domain. In my domain registrar I do not have an option to add A, CNAME records etc. So how shall make the configuration changes in domain to host it here.

  • Adam

    Hi Ajay M,

    Who did you register your domain name with? If you registered it yourself, you should have a domain control panel where you're able to update your DNS records.

    When you're logged in, look for something like DNS Management, or Advanced DNS Settings, and you'll be able to amend your A records and/or add a CNAME.

    If you're still unsure, perhaps we could share screens and go through it together?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Ajay M

    With our hosting you can only use A or CNAME, there's no other way to add the domain (like add it as "add-on domain" similar to cPanel) to the host. I'm extremely surprised though that you don't have any option to manage DNS at all. Would you mind telling us where did you register that domain?

    I'm asking because it's very surprising but maybe there is some "secret" way to edit DNS there or maybe we need to think about some additional solution. One way or another, it'd be good to know who's restricting domain management that much.

    As for directing the domain to our host. Without being able to set at least CNAME (that would actually suffice) some "middleman" might be necessary so either some cheapest 3rd-party host to set nameservers to it and then set DNS from there or maybe a CloudFlare could do. I didn't try that so far but if you were able to set domain for CloudFlare (which can be done via changing nameservers) you might be able to set A and/or CNAME there - so that might be a workaround.

    Best regards,

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