Adding a free Pro Site level to existing paid network

Currently I have three Pro Site levels in my network. All three of them are paid, with no free level. There are paying members at all three levels.

I would like to add a fourth, free level to the network.

Are there any technical or settings issues I should be aware of when I add this level so that there won't be any problems with the current paid levels?


  • Amar Gautam
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    There is a free level by default. When new sites are created, they are technically Free. You can remove this Free site functionality by enabling the Pay to Blog module.

    If you currently do not have a free level and you see that members are asked to pay before they start blogging, it is possible that you have enabled the Pay to Blog module of Pro-Sites.

    Let me know if this helps.

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  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey Amar, Thanks for the offer, but I think its best I not get involved. I am knee deep in multiple projects already and some of my own are in the cooker.

    I have a photography group for local photographers from Kerala, I shall pass on the link, but do you want me to look for contributors as well?

  • ProSapien
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    Threadjack! :wink:

    Yes, I know that blogs are free by default. I intentionally set up three paid levels and used the Pay to Blog module to remove the free level.

    At the request of some users who just want to try out a WordPress blog for a bit without paying, I now want to INCLUDE a free level *without disturbing the three paid levels that are already set up.*

    I want to add a new, free level and leave the three paid intact. So, will just removing the Pay to Blog module allow me to specify WHICH level is the free one? Will I encounter other problems, etc.?


  • Amar Gautam
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    Once you enable the trial mode, your users will be able to create sites for free and use it until the trial expires. Select the number of days you want to allow your users to try it. Once the trial is over, the Pay to Blog will kick in. Your free users will then have to pay and upgrade to continue using your platform.

    You can enable trial mode inside Pro-Sites Settings.

    I am pretty sure you do not have to remove the Pay to blog module. This will not impact existing users and the way your subscription works. If you disable Pay to Blog then if subscription for an existing user expires, he will simply be downgraded to free level. I am sure you do not want this. You still want to enforce pay to blog for all existing users.

    I hope this helps?

  • ProSapien
    • The Crimson Coder

    I'm not seeing how to accomplish what I want.

    I want a 100% free level that does not ever expire. It will have only a few themes, plugins, and options. It will have ads. Rather than have blogs expire, I want added functionality to be the inducement to upgrade.

    I tried adding a level that has no cost for the various time periods. This gave me an error (see screen shot).

    Is there a way to add this fourth level — completely free, no expiration — without impacting the existing levels?

  • koff
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    I have the same problem here:

    I had pay to blog enabled and now it is disabled.

    I have only one Level now ( Level with ID:1).

    A user that signup to the network is assigned withe level 1 for 30 days trial.

    After this time I want him to loose level 1 privileges and continue with a free level.

    Right now users with level 1 are asked to pay after there trial is over.

    Where is this free level hiding? How do I setup privileges for this version?


  • Amar Gautam
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    During the trial period, the level of your subscriber accounts are at ID:1 (I am assuming the pro site level with a paid membership) but without paying anything. Once their trial period ends, they will automatically be downgraded to the free level. If the pay to blog is enabled, they will be asked to upgrade and as yours pay to blog module is disabled, they will continue using the free level.

    The question is now what their accessibility levels are.

    The free users will only have access to network activated themes and plugins. They will not be able to access any premium themes or plugins. I am assuming you have enabled premium themes and premium plugins module in your pro sites.You do not have to set any specific privilege to the free members. Just network activate the themes and plugins you want them to access. The space allocation to the free members is the default that you have set in the multisite.

    Let me if this helps. If not, we will discuss this further if you have any specific requirements.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Folks,

    @Amar Gautam thank you for your comprehensive assistance to another member and your explanation was outstanding - I hope they thought to give you some rep points for your excellent assistance and in any event I surely have.

    Thank you all for being WPMU Dev Members!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Amar Gautam
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    Thank you very much Joe. I appreciate that. I would certainly want to participate more into such discussions but due to my busy schedule sometimes I could not.

    Let us see how much I can contribute further to the community. :slight_smile:


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