Adding a non MU site to MU

I'm setting up MU which will be used with Invision Power Board at the subdomain

Do I first create a blog in MU as forums and then install IPB there? If so, which directory corresponds to the blog that I should upload the forums files to?

  • drmike
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    Depends on what you;re using to host the install actually. Going to assume that you;re on a CPanel box. Best bet would be to create a separate account complete separate from your wpmu install for the forums install and use the as the url for the new account. This would allow the webserver to handle the redirections as it's setup to do instead of adding Yet Another Redirection Rule for it to deal with.

    As to your wpmu install, I;d just add the forums subdomain to the restricted username list on Dashboard -> Site Admin -> Settings -> It's somewhere on that page. It's a field with about 8 already.

    If you;re stuck with a single account, search the regular mu forums for 'previous subdomain htaccess' for a htaccess rule you have to add in.

    If none of that makes sense, some more details and specifics as to your setup would be help.

    Hope this helps,

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