Adding a Price on Application - or Add to Wishlist

Customer is requesting they for some high-end products, they have a Price on Application - or Add to Wishlist.

I have suggested they price the product at Zero with a custom graphic / text bar just below the product description (above the Add to Cart) that states this.

I have then said that we'll leave the Manual payment option in and maybe rename it "Get a quote".

I'm looking for work-arounds and ideas to compliment my thinking.

Comments welcome.

Thanks in advance, Callum.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @callummccormick

    Thanks for posting on the forum.

    in the manual payment gateway, there's option to add a "Special Instructions Field" on the Marketpress > Settings Page.

    The quote could go into the special instructions field and seller gets an email with the details chosen by the buyer. may not be ideal. you would need to edit the language files to change the add to cart buy now buttons etc. or use a plugin such as

    Negotiation isn't possible at the moment.

    there's also a different way, if you're not selling, though just a longshot.

    If you create a simple series of posts and assign to them category & assign a request quote button using CSS & link to send them to a custom form (gravity forms perhaps).

    To list them in grid style, simply use a portfolio plugin.

    hope this helps.


  • callummccormick

    Hi Vaughan, thanks for the ideas. OK, I'm heading down the right track then. We don't have the budget to play around too hard.

    To confirm, I wouldn't be able to change "some" products to POA (Ask for price) and others to Add to Cart?

    I think I know the answer :slight_smile:

    As it happens, there are two types of consumers on this site, the ones that just want to buy regular products (with prices) and heavy-duty trade customers who buy a slightly different set of product and will expect POA.



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