adding a readme.txt file to every wpmudev plugin – usus since 21 July 2009 but missing at WPMUDEV

Hi Developers and WPMUDEV Management

This is a feature request to add to each single WPMUDEV plugin a properly formatted readme.txt with a properly formatted changelog section instead of having a separate changelog.txt file.

Since July 2009 that is actually usus and state of the art at WordPress but I can’t find readme.txt files in wpmudev plugins.

The point is that the changelog information can not properly read with dates on the website while your staff can actually read it this information gets hidden for members – why?

On the other hand, there are very good plugins and features available which actually should get integrated into one of the wpmudev plugins which manage the plugins (feature request will follow)

read more about it here:

and here

The readme.txt file in the root directory of a plugin which includes the changelog section is since standard in WordPress and it would be nice if WPMUDEV could implement that standard too to all of their plugins.

The standard is summarized here:

and a readme.txt file should look like that

In section 15 it is described why a properly formatted readme.txt is important

You can read more about how the readme.txt works in the WordPress Handbook

You can use the readme.txt generator provided here to generate those files and then move the changelog.txt content over to the readme.txt file.

and when finished the readme.txt file should be checked with the readme.txt validator:

When those readme.txt files exit in wpmudev plugins as they exist already in other wpmudev plugins the content could also be listed in the backend and there would be no need anymore to click through the web as the newest changes could be read out before even an update would get applied.

i.e. by using the following plugins

I hope of the support of many here in the community as it is pretty essential stuff actually to get wpmudev WordPress conform to the WordPress standards.

Looking forward for likes