Adding a single-group activity stream to bp-social home page


I have a single group that I want to highlight on the home page by including its activity stream. I'm using 3-columns and would drop in a widget but I can't find a widget for it -- I'm already using the site-wide activity widget for example, but can't find one for a single group.

So it looks as if I will have to hard code it somehow.

Here's where I'm at. I have a copy of home.php in my child theme that I'm already making direct changes to.

Looking at the activity stream on the group page, I have identified that a template activity/activity-loop.php is used, which in turn calls activity/entry.php. I've made child copies of them and then I've dropped this which I lifted straight from the main activity.php template into the appropriate place in my home.php file:

<div class="activity single-group">
	<?php locate_template( array( 'activity/activity-loop.php' ), true ) ?>
</div><!-- .activity.single-group -->

and hey presto I have an activity stream sitting right where I want on my home page.

Except, it is the site-wide activity stream. I can't tell looking at it how to get it to do the same just for a single group.

Can anyone help me out?