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I installed WP through my cPanel and checked the multisite box. I then added a subdomain in my cPanel ( When I add another site to the network, it comes out as I need it to be I have read numerous tutorials on domain mapping and wild cards and still don't get it. Do I have to go in and change the files and DNS like it all says, or is there a plugin that will do this for me? Thanks!

  • Kimberly
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    From :


    Also known as 'Subdomain' installs, a Domain-based network uses URLs like

    For a domain-based network you require to map different domain names to the same directory in the server's file system where WordPress is installed. You can do this in various ways, for example:

    by configuring wildcard subdomains
    by configuring virtual hosts, specifying the same document root for each
    by creating addon domains or subdomains in cPanel or in a similar web hosting control panel

    On-demand domain-based sites require the wildcard subdomains method. You can create additional sites manually in the same network using other methods.

    Whichever methods you use, you will need to configure your DNS (to map the domain name to the server's IP address) and server (to map the domain name to the WordPress installation directory). WordPress will then map the domain name to the site.

    Your host will have specific instructions on how to setup a wildcard that are specific to them. Have you checked out their resources?

  • Lisa
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    Thanks for the reply, Kimberly. This is exactly what I was reading earlier today and I had done this: "by creating addon domains or subdomains in cPanel or in a similar web hosting control panel". I created subdomains in cPanel and it didn't work. In my case, do I need to configure the DNS, or both the DNS and wild card? My host is webhostingpad, by the way, in case you are familiar with them. Thank you!

  • Fullworks
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    I have had no problem using this method in cpanel.

    Make sure when you create your subdomain it actually points to your wordpress installation, by default it will not.

    When you create a subdomain it will create a subdirectory in your web root.

    e.g. will create and point to a directory callled /mysub

    which if your wordpress is in your root (normally is) you need to change /mysub to simply /

  • Lisa
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    Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:

    When I created the subdomain in cPanel, I noticed a folder (subdomain) under folder (which is at public_html/ I have contacted my hosting for direction on pointing the subdomain to wordpress but they don't know what I'm talking about. cPanel does have a place, when creating a subdomain, to fill in called "document root". I tried putting "/" there but it does not work. Under wordpress admin, under "all sites", I do have "/" for path for my primary domain. I cannot figure out where to change "/mysub" to "/".

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