Adding a site to my company's trial account that was once added to my account


I've had an account with you guys for a while. I dig it. I'm recommending it to the company for which I now work. They have signed up for a trial account, installed WPMU Dev Dashboard, and are trying to add a site to their Hub that I'd previously added (since removed) to my Hub. They are getting an error that tells them they can't add this site with a trial account. Seeing as how having the ability to add this site and see how the Dashboard functions will be their selling point as to whether or not to take my advice and give you guys money, that puts me in an odd spot. How can we go about adding this site (actually, there are two, but who's counting?) even though they were once on my account??????

  • Rupok

    Hi tmonk15,

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I'm afraid, they can't add any site which was previously added to any other account in Trial Membership. This is how our Free Trial works. You will get full usage policy of Free Trials here:

    I'm quoting from there:

    Trials are limited to one time per WordPress site. This means that once a domain is registered with WPMU DEV, it is impossible to use the same domain with a free trial account at any time in the future.

    However, you company can easily upgrade to any paid plans to add those sites in their account.

    If you think it's not possible for them to upgrade to any paid plan before trying, and they *have to* try specifically those sites which were added to your account before, then our Account Department people can help you best regarding this. To reach them, can you please send your query through our secure contact form here?

    That will make sure that your query is directly sent to our Account Department people. Our awesome and super friendly Account Dept. people will get back to you soon and will help you in resolving this issue in the shortest time possible.

    I believe this helped. Please let us know if you have any confusion or any further query. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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