adding additional items to the store drop down menu

I set up a couple of categories and I’d like to add them instead of “Products” in the store drop-down menu. When I added additional links it wrote over the three default links in the Store menu. Also, I had to add pages, but would much rather have the categories in the menu.

Can this be done, and if so how?

thx very much.


  • DavidM
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    Hi Andrew and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I’ve actually just added some items the Store menu in a test site and didn’t notice any issues with the items overwriting the original Store menu items.

    Could you try switching to Twenty Eleven theme for a moment to see if it works the same way there?

    If possible, could you provide a link to the site? Would help to see if there’s anything on the page that might affect that.



  • vibrantway
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    Hi David,

    I tried it on my other site which uses 2010 and I can’t get other pages added at all, much less in addition to the three default, products, shopping cart & order status.

    the site is the Allure template from Studio press.

    You’ll notice the store drop down menu has the category books where products was and the category supplements where shopping cart was.

    I don’t actually mind that the products one is gone.

    thanks very much.

    alright I got it figured! the three default items in the menu get over written, but I can add them back and more items to the menu if I want to just by adding another page and inserting the short code.

    thank you very much for leading me in the right direction.


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