Adding Admins to Support System and Configuring Privileges


How do I add admins to the Support System plugin? I want to have one admin that all tickets are routed to, with this admin having full control over who tickets are re-assigned to. Once a ticket has been re-assigned I would like for that admin and the master admin to be the only one who can see the ticket. I would like to give the assigned admin the option of passing the ticket to another admin for resolution, if necessary. Hope that makes sense.

Support Access has been granted so that you can see our setup.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Pdca Admin! Happy weekend!

    Right now, Support System is not quite that robust. The way you currently have it set up, where only submitters and the Super Admiin can see the submitters tickets (until added to the FAQ) is as close as you can get to what you describe here without some customization for Support System. We designed it to be pretty lean, but I'm more than happy to add a feature request.

    If it's critical that you expand the capabilities, this may be a great project for one of the indie devs on our jobs board.

    Thanks for your question!

  • Pdca Admin

    Thank you for your response, but you did not answer my question and instead pumped your paid developers. That's not the best feeling considering the fact that this is not a free plugin, your site description of the plugin shows that we can do what I am requesting, and I still have only myself receiving tickets with no other admins added to the plugin. I have already announced the launch of this plugin to our users and need to be able to add admins that tickets can be re-routed to. I do not want other admins to have the capability of answering tickets that are already assigned. I need a solution to this problem so that our site functions as your plugin description describes. Thank you.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Pdca Admin

    The devs on our jobs board aren't employees here, they're independent. Sometimes the jobs board is the fastest way of getting an extension made, if you can't afford to wait for a feature request.

    It looks like we've pointed out that in the current release, only the network admin can be assigned tickets.
    From the usage guide:

    Please note that, in multisite installs, this feature currently only allows for the network admin to be assigned. In the next update, it will be enhanced to allow you to assign a different user.

    We do have a pretty extensive blog post that was posted today regarding Support System:, in case I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do with the plugin.

    Please understand as much as we'd love to customize all of our plugins for every member who would like an extension, new feature, or a change in functionality; doing so would not only be impractical, it would be impossible with the manpower we have available. Purchasing a plugin doesn't mean it comes with unlimited customizations. We're happy to help you get the plugin up and running, but we've got to work within what the plugin actually does.

    That being said, what did you promise your clients? I can see if the dev is available to help give some feedback about what would need to happen to make sure ticket viewing is restricted to the network admin and an assigned admin, and a way to auto assign the second admin to the support system account. If I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for, please correct me.

    Thanks so much!

  • Pdca Admin

    I think you are still off topic and this is really getting tiring. I don't need customization. I don't have a multi site installation and am only using one site. Your demo video shows multiple admins in the drop down menu with this plugin being able to assign tickets to other admins, yet you insist on trying to get me to pay to customize the plugin. I am well qualified to customize the plugin and don't need that support. I just want your plugin to function as advertised. Now PLEASE take another look at your plugin and tell me how to configure this plugin as advertised, with multiple admins and the ability to reassign tickets.

    As far as adding custom features, tell your developers that there is a huge flaw in this system: there is no ability to open a ticket for a user. No, I do not want another plugin to manage this. I want this plugin to have this feature so that my dashboard is not cluttered by plugins that may conflict with others. I have seen multiple threads requesting this feature, so I know that I am not the only one in need of this CRUCIAL option. The system is virtually useless to most of our users without it. Seems that there are multiple wpmudev clients who feel the same way.

  • Pdca Admin

    Here is a screenshot of the video advertising multiple admins and the ability to assign tickets. As said before, please tel me how to add admins and use the reassignment option. As it stands now I am the only admin answering support questions and that is not working. I need more admins to help answer support tickets and the ability to assign tickets, as your plugin advertises. If this is not an option, well, we are in a bad spot because you are advertising options that your plugin doesn't have and trying to get me to pay for these customizations. There is nothing in your plugin advertisement that says I have to pay for these features. Your plugin advertisement says that these are standard features.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hello again Pdca Admin,

    So sorry for any confusion here.

    Once a ticket is opened on a single site, it can be assigned to different user (providing their user role has the ability to view tickets) from the edit ticket menu, as you'll see in my first screenshot below.

    As of right now, only one user can be the default admin, whoever is assigned to the Main Admin field is going to be the initial assignee of every new ticket, until they assign it to someone else. If you'd like you co-admin to serve as the default, they'll get the notification of new tickets. You'll still be able to assign tickets, but the default owner will be your co-admin until such a time as the ticket is reassigned.

    There is also a privacy option on this second screenshot, at the bottom. This setting prevents other users from seeing each other's tickets until they're added to the FAQ. Admins will always be able to see all the tickets, Editors, Authors, etc. will only be able to see the tickets they open and the tickets they are assigned to.

    Does this clear it up for you?

  • Michelle Shull

    Here's how the assign function works if you're using Support System on the front end, in addition to or instead of the back end.

    Sorry again for any confusion, but this should allow you to assign tickets to your co-admin easily, or, if you make the co-admin the default admin for Support System, they can assign tickets to you. Assigning to an additional staff member is as simple as the primary admin (you) or the assigned staff member assigning to another person from that drop down on the front or back end.

    Does this cover your needs?

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