Adding an image to blog post category overview

I would like the category overview to show images to the side of the blogposts. I like the icons for the types of posts, but I would really like it if I could have the images set as featured images on the right side of the category overview. I know I would usually need to add <?php the_post_thumbnail();?> before the content loop for it to work, but I cannot find the content loop in gridmarket. Or should I grab that from framemarket? I would rather not do that as that would influence updating framemarket…

Your thoughts are appreciated!

  • Philip John
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    Firstly, you would need the_post_thumbnail() but that goes in the loop, not before it.

    If you only want the featured images to appear on category pages then you simply need to modify your product category template.

    To do so, simply modify the mp_category.php template file included in GridMarket. Note that GridMarket is a child theme of FrameMarket and intended as something you can duplicate and edit to your requirements.



  • arnehulstein
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    By the way, that means this topic is not resolved. :wink:

    I edited the mp_category.php but that did what I expected, it changed the way the products are displayed by category. And I am happy about that, so no need to change.

    What I do want to change is the way it displays a category of blogposts. It does display it, but I cannot edit it anywhere. Check to see what I mean. I like the icon on the left, but I would like to replace it either with the set featured image or place the featured image to the right of the text. However, for that I need to find out where it pulls the function from.

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