adding anti-splog revolving signup url to widgets

I've uploaded a fresh copy of the current Anti-Splog 1.03, and searched these forums, but can't find an answer to this issue ...

When selecting the "Rename wp-signup.php" option under Anti-Splog Settings, I am unable to include the suggested links in a text widget we have directing visitors to signup. When I insert the shortcode into the href of link code within the widget, the result on the rendered page is http://domain.tld/ust_wpsignup_url ... the shortcode isn't getting converted. Same thing happens if I use the anti-splog php link, but I didn't expect that to work in a widget.

The docs say ...

See the install.txt file for more detailed documentation on this function.

But there is no such help for linking to the revolving signup page in the install file.

So ... how can I add a link to the anti-splog changing signup url in a widget?

Note: We are not running BuddyPress. The PHP link worked fine when modifying our theme header file with hardcoded signup url links. But, I have not yet attempted to replace links in posts with the shortcode. I just spent the time removing all our manual anti-splog tactics including renamed signup urls, hoping to just turn on this option. Any help before we start getting slammed with splogs again is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!