Adding checkbox options to products


I just installed Marketpress which looks great so far but I have a requirement to have checkbox options on products such as "branded", "gift wrapped" etc, is it possible to add these to a product in Marketpress? I can't see a way so far.


  • digitaldog

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the reply. I have tried the variations but that doesn't do what I need, the variations seem to be be for different types of the same product, for example "blue", "yellow", "red" etc would be a variation but if I wanted to select additional options such as "gift wrap this item", "add branding" etc where the customer can tick any combination of these as options on the product I can't see a way that can be achieved with variations.

    I'm think at this point I may need to write a simple plugin to add the options to the product item and maybe add a hook in the order process to add these to the order itself somehow.


  • aecnu

    Greetings digitaldog,

    Thank you for the clarification and that is what the personalization button/checkbox is for.

    On Product Details section of every product there is a Personalize option which would take care of Branding and a Variation could work for gift wrapping i.e. Gift wrapped?

    Between these to items and since it include the option to personalize, I do not see how it would not work.

    Let me know and if this does not work for you I will certainly submit this as a feature request.

    Please advise.

    In any event, looking forward to hearing from you and have a GREAT week ahead!

    Cheers, Joe

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