Adding Content to Network Theme Homepage

Hi! I'm setting up a new community and am hoping the Network theme will meet our needs for the main site. Just encountering a couple issues so far...

1. Is there any way to add content to the Network Front Page? I've reviewed all the Advanced Options but can't find anywhere to add content. It seems to only display the boxes for network posts. I tried making the home page static, but that removes the network functionality. The boxes only display when Recent Posts is selected under Reading options.

2. Do posts from site id_1 get included in the network posts? If so, for some reason they are not. I have Advanced Options set to Network Posts and no sites selected in the exclude list. But only the post from the current site is being displayed.

For The Record: I've activated the Network theme on a sub-site for testing and fine tuning before launching it on the main site where the Holder theme is currently activated, and no plugins have been activated.

I'm really hoping to use a theme that has the Network Posts functionality, but being able to edit content on the front page is a must. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS: If the theme does not currently allow for adding/editing Front Page content, any direction for creating a page template that include the Network Posts functionality would be just grand.

  • DavidM

    Hi jcnjr,

    I'm not totally sure what you mean by content but I was thinking perhaps a widget area might suffice for that? The following tutorial walks through that process and there's even a past thread where that was done before, I'm sure I could find that for you if that would work for you?

    Excerpts unfortunately would require quite a bit of custom work to achieve. I think you'd have to alter the function used to get the posts in custom-functions.php, then display the results.

    It can be done, but it takes a bit of coding to achieve.

    Regarding the posts not being displayed from the main blog, I'm seeing the same on a test multisite, even with no items excluded in the Advanced Options > Front page settings Exclude blogs list.

    I'll ask the theme developer to take a look at that.


  • jcnjr

    Thanks for looking into getting main site posts to display.

    The Network theme does have the widget area below the posts which we will use, but it won't suffice for the "content" area we hope to create above the Network Posts. For us, this content will include welcome text and graphics encouraging new members to start a blog, create a shop or visit forums, etc.

    I haven't dove into the template files yet, but at first glance it seems I could hack together a template file that includes the function required to display the Network Posts, then just set Reading to static page using that template.

    Can anyone confirm if this is the little bit that does the magic, from home.php:

    locate_template( array( '/library/components/feature-content.php' ), true );

    Or, will I need to decipher what's going on in index.php?

    BTW, we're not using Buddypress if that helps determine why main site blog posts aren't showing.

  • jcnjr

    I'll ask the theme developer to take a look at that.

    Any word from Tammie? I downloaded and activated the latest version (1.5.5) hoping it might resolve the issue, but posts from main site are still not appearing in Network Posts. I also published a second post in a test blog but it is now the only one appearing.


    1. Does only the most recent post form any give site show in the network posts? If not any explanation for why this is happening?

    2. Any way to show posts from main site in network posts?

    3. I have Network theme installed on a sub-site for testing purposes before we go live. Could this be causing the problems I've described?


  • jcnjr

    Should not be at all our report of an issue was fixed ...

    What should "not be at all"? I asked a couple different questions.

    Please provide a link without plugins active...

    Thanks for looking into this:

    Network theme is activated on the subsite for testing while we build the community. The home page is static, using a template page file I hacked to add the network boxes so i can easily include additional content, but this issue was happening before with default WP Reading Settings.

    Currently only two sites on the network and there are no plugins installed. Both sites have blog posts, but only one is showing in the network boxes. Still wondering about my question above about the number of posts getting displayed from each blog.

    You'll notice I also figured out where to add the excerpt for posts, but am struggling with adding a function to make that work.

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Cheers.

  • jcnjr

    OK. Installed 1.5.6 and network boxes still only show most recent post from the subsite and no posts from the main site. No plugins are activated other than Update Notifications. Switching back to default WP Reading Settings made no difference. Any thoughts?

    I also notice a "network-child" theme buried in the "themes" folder. This is different than ho other mudev themes with children are packaged. Can this be activated in the usual way? I just lost the custom page template I made after not saving a local copy. :-\

    One More thing: The "News" page has the Blog News template assigned, but it is displaying the network post boxes (with same issue) instead of recent posts from the blog ... !?!?!?

  • jcnjr

    A subsite won't show network posts.

    Thank you, that answers one of my original questions.

    Cn you confirm it is a sub site again please?

    Yes, see links I've provided:

    Also there is no need to change reading settings...

    This is the only way I found way to add easily editable content above the network posts on the home page. I created a new page template and made it the static page.

    My question about the number of network posts being displayed still remains unanswered. Does the theme only pull the one most recent post from each site? I see no option for setting how many posts to show from each blog, but only the one most recent post is showing in our case.

    If I decide to keep testing this theme, I'll just have to activate it on the main site to see if that addresses my last question. Guess my plan to use the Holder theme while customizing Network before we go live is shot.

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