Adding CSS in "Edit Region CSS" doesn't add it to the page code!

Hello Men in Tights,

Further to a conversation with Ash on live support just now, on the site we have Upfront theme running, and I’m unable to swop successfully between the “contained” and “100%” options for display. Ash gave me this CSS to stick into the page, so that it fixes that:

#upfront-region-container-videoclip .upfront-grid-layout{

width: 100%


But even though it’s pasted into the region CSS editor, it doesn’t show up in the page code when loading the page.

ideally, i want to add 2 graphics on either side of the youtube video inserted, and group them, so it displays right no matter what the device display size is?

I’ve enabled remote support.


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey Symi,

    Hope you’re doing well today :slight_smile:

    Since you’re adding code in region CSS it actually doesn’t render #upfront-region-container-videoclip in code properly since that ID is of the region itself and the code is applied inside the region.

    Long story short, I’ve moved the code to your global CSS field and you should be good to go now :slight_smile:

    Please note that this “hack” is not something UF is not designed to do so we can’t guarantee how it will look on all screens and some further CSS adjustments might be needed to format that region elements properly.

    Best regards,


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