Adding custom Class'/DIV tags to my theme.

Hey guys, only me again :slight_smile:

I think i have either found a bug or i am struggling on getting my theme 100% working.

What is happening is that when i ever make a change to the product information page (single page i think it is) (link)here[Screenshot1212]. The theme layout changes on the main shop page which shows all the items. (link)here[Screenshot 1313].

For example on the first link i made the thumbnail to appear to the top left of the product title. Yet when you go back to the '/test' The thumbnails have changed here too so i was thinking if i could make the divs different for one page to the other that would be great! Also if you notice on the first screenshot, all the listings have come out of the center. Which i can realign but then this will change the styling of the other pages! argh

Any help would be great.