Adding Custom Fonts to the Topography Array


I would like to include a custom font using @font-face command but having trouble… I was wondering if anyone could help me out!

I am following instructions



and as it suggests, I would like the font to be available in the typography array in wordpress.

This is what I am doing… but I can’t get it to work!

1) I’ve loaded my fonts (converted to all different formats using fontsquirrel) to a folder called “fonts” within my theme. I am currently using a theme called ‘king’ (not from WPMUDEV).

2) Per instruction, I loaded the @font-face code to the theme’s style.css. I’ve designed the URL to “fonts/” since the font folder is already within the theme’s folder.

3) I loaded the ‘function wpex_add_custom_fonts()’ to the functions.php inside the theme.

4) Save the updated files to the server using FTP.

After following these steps… nothing changes to the typography array.

Any help would be very appreciated!!