Adding custom menu link breaks Q&A plugin

Well this is weird... I installed this plugin and at first it would not work. I was getting a 404 on /questions & /questions/ask

Following advice from other posts in this forum I changed my permalinks to something else, then changed it back again... sweet! It works :slight_smile:

But then I added a custom menu link in order to add the Q&A to the main site navigation, and suddenly the plugin pages were going 404 again.

So I removed the custom menu link, changed by permalinks setting again and boom, it all works again.

I went back to add the custom menu link and as soon as I did that, this plugins pages started going 404 again.

How can this be??? How can I fix it? I'd really like to use this plugin AND have a link to it in the sites main navigation but I don't understand what is happening.