adding DNS "A" record

I feel so ignorant reading through the domain mapping post...maybe I am WAY overthinking this.

Can someone please please just give me the complete dummy step by step instructions on how to use the domain mapping plugin...

Here is what I have...
in the wordpress plugin I have the "custom domain" as (this domain is hosted at godaddy)
I have the "Original Blog Address" as (this is my mu site)

now when I put in either url I get a parked godaddy page so I think that part is working correctly right?

Now at godaddy i have tried modifying and/or adding both the "cname" and "a" record in every which way I can think of...still just a parked page.

Is it possible for someone to just tell me exactly what I need to put in the "hosts" and "points to" fields in godaddy for either "cname" and "a" record????

Thanks so much I have been at this for hours!