Adding Email Auto responder

Hi everyone

I am relatively new here, although I hang around on the sides and watch adn learn.

I do have a couple of questions though that I do not seem to find an answer for.

Is it possible to add a First name and Last name to the sign up form?
Please tell me how if it is possible.

Next how can I add the sign up information to my auto responder?
I would like to do this for my free member’s area so I can send out emails to get them to sign up for paid membership area.

  • DavidM

    Hi alexmark and welcome to WPMU DEV! Glad to have ya here!

    These two concerns potentially could get into just a bit of custom development at this point, depending on whether you'd want to use BuddyPress and whether you'd be able to use Membership Pings to communicate with your autoresponder.

    First off, if you use BuddyPress you can easily customize the profile/registration fields, adding your own as you like. With that you could add a first name and last name very easily.

    Other than that, it would involve a bit of custom coding, and you could take a look at the Simple Invites add-on in the Membership folder to see how that's done, if you're comfortable with coding.

    As for the autoresponder, you can take a look at Membership > Edit Pings to see how feasible it might be to communicate with your autoresponder. It really depends on whether your

    You might also be interested in Communication in Membership, which let you customize messages that members are sent based on Subscription movement. It's at Membership > Edit Communications.

    How would that work for you?


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