Adding extra fields to registeration

I have read many methods of adding some registration fields to this plugin, none of them seem clear and nearly always end up at a dead end.

What I am trying to do should be very simple, I just need to add address details to my registeration form, its a subscription to a printed magazine which is sent via post so I need to capture this data. After researching a few methods, Buddy press seemed the most painless option.

I managed to add the extra fields with extended profile and the signup details are being stored in the database.

My main issues are:

1) I am not notfied of these extra fields – I cant find admin email notification options for buddypress or WPMU mebership.

2) I have all the extras that I dont need or want from buddypress, public profile page, members list, activity etc – I want to turn all that off – I only need to add address to the membership.

Any help would be appriciated.