adding extra fields to the registration page

Hi Guys – been trying to resolve this issue for a while, unfortunately my last thread appears to have dropped off the radar.

I need to add extra fields to the registration page and you have offered two solutions, here’s a recap…

The problem. I need to add extra fields to the registration page to comply with certain legalities owing to the nature of our site (political party) and our compliance with certain membership requirements.

Your first solution was to install BuddyPress (which allows me to add the extra fields), but unfortunately, it does not add this information to the Membership “All Members” list. Without BP, clicking on the Join link takes us to the select membership level and then to “Join”, which displays none of the extra fields (obviously); but activating BP can give two different results (depending on the BP settings). If settings>pages>register is set to “None”, then clicking Join takes me to the select level page then to the “Join” page with the extra fields displayed. If the settings>pages>register is set to “Join”, it bypasses the membership level page and goes straight to a page called “create an account which includes the same additional fields – I can only presume this is a BP ‘thing’. However, no-matter which way BP is set up, it would be impossible to find the member because it only displays “username”. With BP deactivated, Membership shows both ‘username’ and ‘name’.

Your second suggestion was to try “CiMy”, but unless I am missing something here, I can’t get any extra fields to show in the registration form, only in the ‘user profile’, so unless I’m missing something, this isn’t an option.

I hope this makes sense – I’m happy to send through a couple of screenshots if it’ll make it easier for you. Really hope you can help, I’m getting desperate…