Adding Facebook Connect

We're using the BuddyPress Social theme for developing a client's site, and are getting raves for the features, so thank you!

One of the asks we've had is to allow for Facebook Connect login, something that we've done with WP sites before but not WPMU or BP.

We're looking at the bp-fbconnect plugin, but are curious where to put the code necessary for the plugin to work. Specifically, this:

<?php do_action('fbc_display_login_button') ?>

which displays the login button.

Our thinking is that it needs to go (2) places:
1. On the default page for non-members, under the "Sign Up Here" text.
2. In the Admin Bar, to the left of "Visit"

My questions are these: which file(s) do I need to modify for this behaviour? And, has anyone attempted this before, with success?