Adding Images in Newsletter Bug


I would like to report a bug I've experienced with e-Newsletter. I'm using this plugin for one of my clients and he reports that he is unable to insert images into a newsletter. The text inside the media uploader is all mixed up and the button to insert an image is disabled.

For me it works perfectly and I've already found the source of the problem. It has something to do with user roles. When I change his role to administrator (he is currently an editor) it works for him as well.

Inside my newsletter settings, I've given the editor all permissions except the following:
- Create, Edit, Delete Newsletter Groups
- Save Newsletter Settings
- View Dashboard Page
- Import Members
- First Time Install
- Un-Install Newsletter Data

To replicate the issue you could try creating an editor account for your WordPress installation and then try to add images into a newsletter using the "Add Media" button. You'll see what I mean.

Thanks in advance for your support with this great plugin!