Adding Location per store with the same services but different agenda's in appointments plus

Hey there,

We're a repair shop for smartphones and tablets in Amsterdam. We're using the plugin to let people select their repair (for instance iPhone 6 screen) and then pick a date and time, fill in their info and make an appointment. (

Now this is working fine, but we're opening a new store this sunday. So we need just a simple option in the plugin: where are you going to make an appointment, at location 1 or location 2. Also this needs to have different agenda's because you can make an appointment on 12:00 PM on both locations.

How can we fix this? Because the services are exactly the same for the two stores and It is quite unhandy if we have to copy 50 services, there must be an ideal way right?

Also I saw their is a connection with the google maps plugin. How does this work, I cant find any information anywhere. What value does this add? Can people click on the service location on the map and select their service and their appointment? We're willing to upgrade our account for this but we need some info on how does looks and works.

Please let us know as soon as possible since we're in a hurry opening the second store. Thanks for your understanding en effort.