Adding more granular discount functionality to MarketPress

Currently, discounts / coupons are at the shopping cart level, and they're either off or on. What I'm looking for is the ability for discount functionality to also be available at the product category and individual product level.

I'm working with a client right now that offers 20% discounts to her members on relatively low cost items ($15 - $50), but she also offers events like training sessions and retreats, which are usually over $1000. They are high cost and low margin, so any discounts for members would be much smaller.

It would also be nice to allow discounts / coupons to be both percentage or fixed amounts (e.g. $10 discount on product xyz).

Finally, it would be great to integrate this with Membership, to allow member pricing without having to use the current kludgy workaround of duplicating your products, setting member-only pricing and putting them on a page visible only to members.

Anyone else think that this is a long-overdue upgrade?

Robert Ford

  • fordrm

    Thanks, Patrick.

    I think that the ability to have granular discounts and for them to be either a percentage or fixed amount is really necessary to bring MarketPress into line with other ecommerce plugins.

    The integration with the Membership plugin would be nice (really nice) but not essential, i.e. you could have a second set of discounts that you only shared with members.

    Thanks for responding so promptly.


  • LarryS

    The integration of MarketPress & Membership is critical. MarketPress needs the ability to do recurring billing on its own and not through Membership, since there could be many non-members who sign up for recurring charges on products & services they buy.
    Adding the coupon/product discounts on a fixed price or percentage basis is also mandatory to get MarketPress into the 19th century. But what I want to see is not just trying to add functionality that will make MarketPress competitive. What happened to the idea of being on the bleeding edge. Having discounts for volume/quantity are just me too, but are, nonetheless, essential to make MarketPress competitive. However, what I'd like to see is a thorough competitive analysis of the top E commerce solutions (including the many add-ons & extensions they have). The analysis should be looking not only at retail but at other niches that have much more sophisticated pricing.
    WPMU should be putting a full-court-press on this plugin because those of us who are members currently need to end up cutting & pasting plugins together, or worse yet, going outside of WPMU to find solutions which add expense on top of the expense of our membership. I don't think it's unreasonable to be squawking about this. If we as members don't put our feet down then WPMU will leave us with a plugin that is a remnant of thinking decades old.
    Finally, the things we are asking for are not rocket science. There are so many sophisticated free plugins it's quite amazing. Is it too much to ask WPMU to offer at the very least a competitive MarketPress product? I think not!

  • LarryS

    One other thing: WPMU should be working with its members to develop a comprehensive plan for the MarketPress plugin. Adding features one-off is just not the way to go with this important plugin. If it's done by adding features, then we'll end up with a hodge-podge plugin that will still not satisfy the needs of WPMU members.
    I for one would be more than happy to devote some time to developing a sound business plan for this plugin, where we look at benefits before features, put those benefits into a hierarchy of needs, and then look at features that satisfy those needs/benefits. The need for a far more comprehensive and encompassing product just can't be argued with.

  • LarryS

    Hey Robert.

    The problem as I see it is that so far, in this thread, there are only 3 of us talking about this. Somehow we need to mobilize forces so that WPMU management listens. With only 3 people talking, we'll not be noticed. Now I'm new to this membership platform and have no experience with the forum. Is there some way we can post to all threads to start building momentum? Any ideas?

  • hpidriver

    I agree with your points @LarryS
    As you have stated, many of the popular requests for Marketpress that customers seem almost obvious and should be part of Marketpress already.

    Considering the age of many threads requesting these features (A quick search of "Marketpress feature request"...), it may simply be that there are no real plans for any of these feature requests. The best person to ask would be the core developer @Aaron who is quite helpful by the way.

    Now, what features would I most like to see in Marketpress?

    - One page checkout
    - A real coupon/discount system
    - Being able to group/bundle variable products
    - More robust shipping options