Adding more granular discount functionality to MarketPress

Currently, discounts / coupons are at the shopping cart level, and they’re either off or on. What I’m looking for is the ability for discount functionality to also be available at the product category and individual product level.

I’m working with a client right now that offers 20% discounts to her members on relatively low cost items ($15 – $50), but she also offers events like training sessions and retreats, which are usually over $1000. They are high cost and low margin, so any discounts for members would be much smaller.

It would also be nice to allow discounts / coupons to be both percentage or fixed amounts (e.g. $10 discount on product xyz).

Finally, it would be great to integrate this with Membership, to allow member pricing without having to use the current kludgy workaround of duplicating your products, setting member-only pricing and putting them on a page visible only to members.

Anyone else think that this is a long-overdue upgrade?

Robert Ford