Adding Multisite on existing site - sub-directories

I created & host a client site (Podiatrist) who just hired me to do more SEO. He wants to rank for more surrounding cities & specific foot procedures.

I was thinking of converting his site to Multisite and setting up landing pages for each surrounding city. But I wanted the structure to be subdirectory -,, etc.. I would clone one page and modify it for each subdirectory. All links would go to the main site (

1. Is this a feasible SEO approach? and use of Multisite?
2. Is there any workaround to get subdirectories if converting existing site?

My understanding is; converting existing site only allows subdomains. Any advice, suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Bob,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    It's definitely a feasible use of Multisite and I see no reason why it wouldn't make sense for SEO either - although I'll admit that I am not much of an SEO expert.

    As for a workaround to use subdirectories on existing install, you can try this:

    It's fairly old, but looks like it would still work. I would test it on a sandbox install first.

    The main issue with using subdirectories on an existing install is that someone could try to create a site that has the same slug as an existing post or page. Then you would lose the site, or the content - since only one of them can exist at that url.

    Subdomain install might not be a bad idea either, then you can focus on just keywords to target that city. Each site would have it's own site that could have content dedicated to it, since subdomains are treated as a separate site.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,

  • BobfromCA

    Thanks, Tyler, for quick reply! I checked out the link you provided - it may work... but am now thinking using subdomains may not be that bad and would avoid problems... so link would look like: ... opposed to ...

    I think the subdirectory looks better -- I may take your suggestion to try on a sandbox install first. Then fall back to subdomain if that workaround doesn't work.

    Thanks again for your suggestions and getting back to me so quickly.


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