Adding negative pages to existing subscription level rules


I would like to add negative rules in the form of pages to a subscription level.
The problem however is that the "Pages" have already been added as positive rules.

This won't allow me to add Pages to the negative set. See this screenshot:

How do I still prohibit access to certain pages? I have hidden them from the menu , but the (trial) users can still access the pages by just changing the URL themselves.

Thanks for helping out,

  • Kimberly


    I went to test this and broke my sandbox install :smiley:
    Ah I'm all thumbs today! And it's not even lunch! hehe

    Let me confirm while I'm getting things fixed up

    You are saying that, even if you set the rule to Positive, and check certain pages, that your users can still access the pages that are NOT checked.

    Have you tried doing it the other way? Moving PAGES to negative and seeing what results you get for unchecked pages?

    I know it sounds tedious, but that was going to be my first try if I could replicate your reported behavior.



  • Emanaku

    Hi Alex,

    I personally stumbled upon this, too. Then I took a step back and thought it all over and I came to result, that it is not helpful to use the pages in negative as well as positive rules. Why?

    Say we have three pages A, B and C.

    And in positive rules we say: A is allowed
    In negative rules we say: B is forbidden

    Is there access to C or not? We still can access C as you found out!

    So from this example we learn: actually there are always two groups of pages: the ones you can access (in our case A and C) and the ones you cannot access (in our case B).

    And what you do is: You just define the negative rule "B is forbidden" - you do not need the positive rule at all.

    That is how I have put the level definitions - and it worked out perfectly for me ...

    Have fun!!

  • aecnu

    Greeting Alex,

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    Cheers, Joe

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