Adding New Listings For Non Administrators

on, I want to make it, so that any one who owns a rehab can add a free rehab listing. However, I tried creating an account, and although it does make them account they are unable to add a list under the [custom_fields_block] that we had assigned for them. Is there anyone who can help us out here, so that the public of individuals who own rehabilitation centers can add listings just list an admin could but have access to no other part of the site and only add one listing instead of creating like 100 to spam the site? Any help would be greatly appreciative.

  • beau_griffis

    The best way to unnderstand this problem is to picture yourself as an owner to a rehabilitation center that wants to add a free listing. The problem though, is that after they register for the account they aren't able to add the same listing that us administrators are although we do have to put a [custom_fields_block] in the html part of the description, since the description can be added below. These individuals don't understand that nor or they even able to get to the page where they can add a free listing. One without a picture, just the custom fields that we allow. Does anyone know how this can be done, since having other centers fill out their own listings will help us create our database much faster like 25 times more faster. If this makes sense to you and you create an account, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. You guys have been a big help, and that's why I pay for this service, but it's been worth every penny; especially when you're able to fix an issue as critical as this one. Thank you =)

  • Tom Eagles

    Hi @beau_griffis

    I don't know if this is possible from the front end, if it is it would need custom coding. I will tag our amazing developer @Arnold in to see if he can suggest something or at least point you in the right direction.

    The only way i could see this would be to set a new role for the rehab managers then use something like gravity forms, but the single listing only would require a lot of work at the back end unless i am wrong.



  • beau_griffis

    Hi Arnold, Tom speaks highly of you as you can see by the front post. Actually, I am giving everyone free listings until, I reach about 1000 database entires after that. I wanted to charge a reoccurring monthly fee of 19.95. However, right now no ones even able to add their listing correctly, since we did do some custom coding along time ago, and we have to enter [custom_fields_block]. Oh ya sorry, the site is, and right now, I want the free members to be able to add the listings on their own with no pictures, but with the categories and stuff that I set up. After, I reach 1000 inputs I'll change this to where they can pay and input pictures and other descriptions etc. I also wanted to clean up the and turn it into a taxamony thing, I think that's what they call it, so they can narrow down their search even better with a drop down menu. Since the current page looks way too dispersed. Also, I was wondering where the meta title and meta description is located in the html code in the theme so I can update these by hand, since there seems to be a problem with one of my plugins. I'm more than willing to give you access to the server if you are able to help, and I feel so lucky that I got you to work with.

    Thanks Arnold
    Beau Griffis

  • tony_burgos

    Hi guys, sorry to interrupt, but I'm having the same problem.
    Even more I have posted here: what's seems to be a Directory plugin bug:

    Anyways, I'm trying to allow my "free" users to add a single listing for free. I have followed Arnold suggestions about using credits for it, but it's not working. I try to add a new listing by using theme's add listing button or I try to add it using WP sidebar, none works.
    Please see attached image of how the credits have been setup.

    I don't charge users, I allow them to post for "free".

    One more thing, after installing the plugin on a fresh WP 3.5 install (no extra themes, no extra plugins), I need to mention that I installed the plugin following your instructions (eg. using WP backend, plugin upload function) instead of using FTP to upload files. However, there's one problem: the Paid and Non-Paid Member Directory roles were not created. I only see default WP roles. Weird, isn't it?

    I can provide backend access or FTP access if needed, just let me know.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Arnold

    Not weird. One of the problems with the Directory Paid and unpaid scheme that used to be used was that you couldn't combine it with Classifieds which had it's own roles. You can only assign one role to a user.

    So the new version let's you create and assign your own role so that for mixed use you can assign the same rolle to both Directory and Classifieds.

    On the ability to add listings. Did you set the capabilities for whatever role your Free users have to be able to edit, publish etc leitings?

  • tony_burgos

    Sorry Arnold, didn't see this reply and I posted a new bug report here:

    I'll edit it regarding the user roles, but regarding the free user capabilities, the problem is still there, and yes, I have setup them properly. Please read my bug report explaining about it.

    Thanks again,

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