Adding Newsletter subcscribe form to post page or anywhere?

Hi guys,

Ive just installed the e-Newsletter plugin and Im wondering is there a shortcode to display it in posts or pages or can I copy and paste some fo the widget code into a random area of my site (I know I can place a widget anywhere in my site but Id like the code option too)? Its not entirely obvious to me where the widget code is generated.

Also I see that the plugin uses WP's cron system correct? I think Im right in saying depending on your hsoting this may not work out of the box for some people, like myself, I have to set my server to run WP cron manually (Just a tip for anyone who notices the plugin not sending the mail in the queue)

Any help much appreciated as always.



  • Mason
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    Hiya Neil,

    Check the support hours on the sidebar when you go to write a response. Things slow down a bit here on the weekend, and bumping will actually move ya further down the line :slight_smile:

    Anyway, to answer your question, we don't provide a shortcode option or similar, but the idea has been suggested before so maybe you'd like to add to that thread:

    It's a pretty new plugin and there's loads more we can do with it. Your feedback is helpful to us in planning the roadmap for development. So please let us know what else you find.

    Also I see that the plugin uses WP's cron system correct?

    Yes. As far as I know, it does.


  • ThePath
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    Cool no probs, yeh i tried searching the forum but I didnt find that thread.

    Eh whats a weekend? :wink:

    I shall prvide my feedback and see what is wanted over on other thread, you never know I might be able to rustle something up if Im feeling clever.

  • Mason
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    No worries.

    I you do end up rustling something up, the community here (and us forum folks) can be generous with our rep points. We've got a few lifetime members around due to their generosity in sharing solutions.

    That being said, we base our development road map around an idea that gets traction and users here asking for it, don't be afraid to ask.


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