Adding out of stock items to the cart

I was wondering if there was anyway to allow 'out of stock' products to be added to the cart etc with a pre defined note eg. "this item is out of stock, you can still place this order but it will take 1-2weeks for delivery".

I want to maintain a very limited amount of stock but allow orders to still be placed as normal.



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Andy,

    This isn't included by default with MarketPress - so I'm moving this to 'feedback and feature requests'.

    Although, in my mind, if you're still accepting orders and able to get more stock easily - what's the point of 'out of stock'? :wink:

    I can see putting a custom message with 'out of stock' items - but allowing an order to still go through kinda defeats the purpose of the function.

    My 2 cents though. Anybody else looking for this?

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