Adding paypal payment information to a custom table for reporting/comms

Hi, am trying to post the information relating to a successful (as in paid) paypal transaction in membership to another custom global custom table i created

I see in the membership plugin under gateway/paypalexpress.php is the following code to add info to affiliates plugin (line 788)

// Added for affiliate system link
do_action('membership_payment_processed', $user_id, $sub_id, $amount, $currency, $_POST['txn_id']);

In my case i would like to insert this data into a table with structure

id mediumint(9) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
user_id bigint(20),
invited_email varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
reference varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
commission bigint(20) DEFAULT '0',
amount decimal(11,2) DEFAULT '0.00',
referred bigint(20)DEFAULT NULL,
datestamp datetime DEFAULT NULL,

Now before I go and screw things up, would just like to know if i code wpdb->insert after this part of the code (line 789), would it basically write every successful and paid for paypal subscription to my custom table?

What I want this table to store basically are a list of paid signups from the membership system, and any purchases from a woocommerce shop system, the idea is that it would contain a combined list of transactions from two diff systems, that I could query to pull a list of all paid transactions for a particular user, which in turn i could use for reports and calculating commissions from