Adding post date filtering to Popular Post Plugin

I have searched high and low to no avail to find a popular posts plugin that works, how I feel, is the right way.

Wordpress Popular Posts is probably the most popular plugin for popular posts however, like all of the other popular posts plugins they simply track views of your posts.

Let's say for instance you have a few posts, that forever reason get consistently great traffic. With Wordpress Popular Posts, these posts will constantly stay at the top of your Popular Posts listing, Daily, Weekly and Monthly, because the plugin only keeps track of total views.

What I have been searching for is a Popular Posts Plugin that allows you to filter popular posts based on the posting date. This would offer users a TRUE daily, weekly, monthly and or yearly/alltime popular posts. With this feature you would be able to display Popular Posts for the week that were published this week instead of popular posts this week from your lifetime content.