Adding Private Videos for Membership Plugin Monetization

Hi there - thank you for all the great support so far - this has been a VERY valuable investment for our small creative group. I have a question about selling premium content using the WPMU Memberships plugin.

So our website currently posts Daily News videos on YouTube (which are placed on YouTube first and then embedded throughout the site using plugins - followers can view them on either depending on their preference). Soon, we are monetizing the traffic by offering a single "Premium Content" Membership using the WPMU Memberships plugin. We've set everything up so far for a "preorder sale" - and it is working great. The Premium Content membership includes access to a Premium Content Members-only BuddyPress discussion Group (which is setup and working well) - but soon we'd like to offer on various pages throughout the website Premium Content members-only videos, including a daily Evening News session and several 30 minute to 1 hour long documentary videos.

What we need advice on is how best to accomplish this. I am familiar with how to block access to various areas of WordPress pages and various Media items using the "blocked content" shortcodes and the Memberships plugin - however - we are not sure how to actually post the Evening News and documentary videos to the website itself.

First we thought we could upload a Private video to YouTube and then embed it to the members only areas of the website. We hoped that the video would remain private on YouTube but would be visible on the website in the Members-only areas, however, whenever you click to play the video on the website it just says it is private and cannot be played. Unfortunately, to make the video Public on YouTube would defeat the purpose as people could access the videos for free on YT without having to pay the membership fee on the site.

We then thought we could just self-host the videos on the site itself - but then we had concerns with the fact that we would be uploading roughly a 100MB video file every day for the Evening News and then several 3-4GB 60 minute long documentaries. We were worried the size and number of these files would cause site performance issues. Also, we just felt there was probably a better solution than this somewhere out there. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Any help you could provide about how best to accomplish this need would be awesome!

Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,