Adding static text and separators to a CustomPress ‘creation’.


I have a fairly large number of sections in my Custom Area. I don’t see any way to have Label each area in the custom area block. For example, I have a measure of Cohesion for a group that has values from ‘Highly Cohesive’ to ‘In Name Only.’ For each classification, I need to record the approximate fraction of the group that has that relationship with the group. So far, so good. I create a drop down selector for each level of affinity and the values in the list are the estimate of the percentage of the group with that level of affinity:

Highly Cohesive
A few
About 25%
Then there is (among others) a set of possible Actions that group members might take, actually several sets: when Happy, Satisfied… Incensed.
For each of these psychological states there is a structure like the one above:

Donate Money
About 10%

I need to break up and label this mess.


Can I sneak HTML into the correct part?