Adding styling to bbPress site wide forums in a WPMU DEV theme

I've noticed in many WPMU themes that the theme has support for bbPress Group forums but that does not extend to site wide forums. Case in point, I am currently testing BuddyPress Business 4.1.6 and the Demo site clearly shows group base forums.

How do I, or can I, get that styling to work on site wide forums?

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    Well, that's a start but it doesn't really answer my question about the existing styling that's in the WPMU theme that uses bbPress for BuddyPress groups forums. Presumably, the CSS is there already, in some fashion at least, and I'd like to tie into that somehow.

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    Well, my question was more general in nature. Many WPMU Dev themes support BuddyPress which uses a version (though not the current version as I understand it) of bbPress for it's Group Forums. I don't want to use group forums, at least not the way BuddyPress uses them as I plan on only using groups for admins, mods, and eventually a few site holders through Multisite and groups will be hidden.

    How can I use the existing styling in a WPMU theme that supports BuddyPress? I get a message, except when it's a bbPress theme, that I have no template files and bbPress will use the default styling. There are template files though, to some extent, in the WPMU BuddyPress supported themes in the /forums/ folder.

    I'd really rather not go through the custom work the @Timothy suggests...

    Hey Delirium Comics.
    There are a couple of ways...
    1. Add the required CSS to each theme.
    2. Create a real basic plugin which enqueues your css styles by default
    Check our here for more details:
    Hope this helps.
    Take care.

    unless I have to.

    I'm a bit curious as to why you all don't include bbPress functionality in your themes. I'm not really sure that that many people like the group forum functionality over the "standard" sitewide forums.

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    Greetings Delirium Comics,

    Thank you for the great question and your feedback which is certainly appreciated.

    I'm a bit curious as to why you all don't include bbPress functionality in your themes.

    Some of the themes say they have bbPress functionality, but of course not all of them.

    Our problem here for Tim and I to get any developer feedback is we need to have a specific theme product rather then an in general inference.

    I cannot ask Tammie the theme developer why Richie's theme do not have bbPress functionality incorporated.

    This is why this thread has not been resolved - we have nobody specific to address the question in this rare case.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

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    Greetings Delirium Comics,

    The idea of including bbPress functionality in all of our themes is great and I shall move this to our Requests section so that it may get the consideration it deserves.

    Thanks for the feedback and for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Cheers, Joe

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