Adding Text + Shortcode in a Header Area without a line-break

Hey WPMU Devs,

I'm out of ressources on this question, so I figured I'd throw it out here as a last attempt to achieve what I'm trying to do.

On my website (Support Access is open), when you are logged in, there is a top-header area that includes some links on the right (Compte, Profil, Déconnexion) and also a text+shortcode on the top-left area, which displays on accounts as "Solde : " and "0 min".

Now this texte & shortcode had to be added throught php, in my header.php file of my theme through a child theme, (And yes I know it's not one of your themes, but bare with me that I'm 99% sure that my problem isn't theme-related) with the following code inside the et-secondary-menu item :

<div class="solde-minutes">
	<?php echo 'Solde : ', do_shortcode('[mycred_my_balance]'); ?>

And by using this CSS :

.et-secondary-menu br {
display: none
#top-header .solde-minutes {
display: inline-block;
position: absolute;
left: 0px;
padding-left: 30px;

But as you can see if you access my website, it outputs on two different lines.
Like this :

Solde :
0 min

And I want it like :

Solde : 0 min

I was also able to achieve the same-ish result with a plugin called "Shortcodes in Menus" where I could add a shortcode as a menu item there, but I got the same result :
When I entered "Solde : [mycred_my_balance]" it outputs on two different lines as in the previous example.

Everytime it puts a line-break between the text and the shortcode.

Now does anyone have a clue on how I could achieve that ? I've searched throughout the web for some solutions but couldn't come on any working ones.
If someone got a solution it would be greatly appreciated !