Adding text to confirmation page generated by Remove Email Verification plugin

Here is the text generated by the plugin Remove Email Verification
Hello tester, your account has been created!



You can now update your details by going to the admin area of your account or go back to the homepage.

Where do I do this?
Thank you

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Joe,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    The text there is defined in the public.removeverification.php file located:


    approximately line 465 of that file.

    With that said, a better way to do this that would be update safe is to edit that language string. You can do that with PoEdit OR if you're not familiar with PoEdit you might want to just use our Ultimate Branding plugin and it's network wide text change module.

    Then you can change the text as seen in my screenshot.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.


  • joe

    However, just noticed another problem
    Using the Remove Email Verification still leaves this text on the sign up page...

    "We send your registration email to this address. (Double-check your email address before continuing.) "

    No email is sent, so confused users and more admin time devoted to users asking where it is.

    How do we unravel this issue?

    Whoops............Ultimate Branding .......never thought of that !

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Joe,
    Apologies for my delay on this!

    I've been trying to replicate this on my site but I'm not seeing the same text. I see you have added additional authorization to access your site while it's under construction too. Would you be able to send in wp-admin credentials and the user/pass to get through to your site? You can send that in privately via:

    You can send that privately through our contact form:

    Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me.

    Send in:

    Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
    -WordPress admin username
    -WordPress admin password
    -login url
    -site access username
    -site access password
    -link back to this thread for reference
    -any other relevant urls

    **you can grant support access instead; however, it may not work with the additional authorization you have so I'm thinking just to be on the safe side, so I don't need to ask again, you could send it in the old fashion way.

    Once I have access then I'll be able to test it out on your install and see what is going on.

    Look forward to hearing back.


  • joe

    I have stopped using Remove Email Verification as it is causing more problems than it solves.

    The extra verification you refer to is simply because that is a test site where everything is tested before being applied to the live production site. Remove Email Verification caused too many problems on the test site and therefore was dismissed as a possible solution for the production site.

    I have reverted to the verification by Email process, and whilst not perfect with the occasional email landing in a spam folder, at least it works.

    The only text I have ever been able to change with Ultimate Branding is the "Howdy", "Hello" "Welcome" message in the top right corner when a user signs in.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Joe,

    Sorry we couldn't get this sorted out for you. If you ever want to revisit it just let me know and I can have another look.

    As for not being able to edit much text with Ultimate Branding, what other text have you tried editing? It's worth noting that often text within templates will have variables in it, Ultimate Branding won't be able to change the variables as the text that ends up displaying on the site isn't actually inside the template. So if you just change the text before or after the variable then that should work

    If there is other text you are wanting to try and change I would be more then happy to help out with that.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Joe,

    I actually still haven't seen that text yet on my install when using the Remove Email Verification plugin. I tried with all other plugins deactivated too. I'm sure we could find a way to change it, so if you're still seeing it on your install and want to try the Remove Email Verification plugin in the future then just let me know and I can have a look on your site.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!