Adding the Products Tab to new user profiles?

I'm trying to make an Etsy-like website where users can have their own stores and upload their own products. I've installed Marketpress and I have a Network. The "Products" tab shows up in both of my dashboards (the Super Admin and the one for my site). I made a new user to see if it shows up for them, but they only have a Dashboard tab and a Profile tab--nothing else. I changed the Registration Settings to "Both Sites and User Accounts may be registered" and made an account saying I want to set up a Site with it. If I go to Dashboard>My Sites>(The new site that I registered), I get a storefront. Is this how I want to be doing this? I thought that the registration settings were supposed to be "User accounts may be registered" but not sites. Am I incorrect in thinking this?
Sorry for the long explanation. Any help will be appreciated!

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Skyelare.

    I'l take a few moments just to explain how this works. :slight_smile:

    1. User signs up to your website.
    2. Whilst signing up they create a blog/site <-- full registration must be open in the admin


    "Both sites and user accounts can be registered." If you don't allow signups then you would need to manually create each website and account.

    3. The user then logs into their website and can configure how it looks and functions. (Not just WordPress but also MarketPress settings)
    4. They set up their products and then sell.

    So each store is on its own subsite within a multisite install.

    Thats a very simplistic way to look at it. Hopefully this helps clarify how it works for you. If not or if you have more questions then just let me know. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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