Adding the Products Tab to new user profiles?

I’m trying to make an Etsy-like website where users can have their own stores and upload their own products. I’ve installed Marketpress and I have a Network. The “Products” tab shows up in both of my dashboards (the Super Admin and the one for my site). I made a new user to see if it shows up for them, but they only have a Dashboard tab and a Profile tab–nothing else. I changed the Registration Settings to “Both Sites and User Accounts may be registered” and made an account saying I want to set up a Site with it. If I go to Dashboard>My Sites>(The new site that I registered), I get a storefront. Is this how I want to be doing this? I thought that the registration settings were supposed to be “User accounts may be registered” but not sites. Am I incorrect in thinking this?

Sorry for the long explanation. Any help will be appreciated!