Adding to a buddypress calendar

Hello, so what I want to know is can I create an event once and all the groups see it on their calendar? For example, the three groups are artist, board and staff. Let’s say I create an event while logged in as the admin and I want all three groups to see it on the calender. So after this event I want to create another event that only the board and staff can see. Can I add it and just check off which user types see that event instead of manually adding it to three different calendars?

  • Patrick
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    Hi @competenow

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    As it is now, the plugin does not have that functionality I’m afraid. Events are specific to the group(s) in which they are created.

    However, having the ability to assign events to multiple groups would be an interesting feature.

    I’ll move this to the Features & Feedback forum to see if we can drum up some support from the community for this idea.

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