Adding user to data base

I have started to create my multiple databases. The first part was fine and I have 4096 databases (decided to believe in my project and go for it!) BUT I don't know how to add me as the user for each database with out clicking 3 or 4 times for 4096 databases.
I am using Just Host and don't have a dedicated server yet.
I went into Cpanel and myPHP to create the databases.
To assign users I go into mysql and designate a user to each data base, is there an easier way? Its going to take me for ever to do this for each db.
Looking forward to your respones.

  • Ayzola
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    Perhaps it would have been nice to mention this in the instructions! you make it really easy to create the database tables and the information for the db config file but there is really no point if I am now going to have to spend days adding a user to 4096 db's. I've wasted all day doing this for nothing!

  • Ayzola
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I've asked Just Host if they can help and they say no, I'll have to do it manually. Even if I'd only done 256 it woud be a daunting task.

    How are other people dealing with users for their databases?
    Which hosts allow you to create one user who automatically is linked to each database created?
    Any help is very gratefully received

  • Ayzola
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    JustHost now say that they could write a script but as I plan to have over 100 000blogs that I would exceed the limit of 50 000 inodes according to their terms and conditions, (not bad for unlimited hosting!) so they could do the script if I had a dedicated server, I would also go over the limit if I had unlimited reseller hosting
    So its time to take a step back, realise that I've learnt alot today but need to prepare a bit more, Its frustrating as I wanted the db's ready in advance so I didn't have to remove plugins and move hundreds of blogs later but I can't afford a dedicated server yet, not untill I have hundreds of supporter blogs!
    Time to rest, I've been at this all day.

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