Adding Variations in Marketpress

According to the following settings:

What if I had an upgrade option for each size? For example:

28" $50
28" with Fascia $55

38" $75
38" with Fascia $80

42" $100
42" with Fascia $110
  • Nithin

    Hello Leno,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    As shown in the given screenshot, MarketPress doesn't have such feature to make this work with multiple variations. At the moment, the workaround would be to only add one set of variations, so the variations values would be like:

    28" with Fascia
    38" with Fascia etc

    Other than that, it isn't possible to achieve this via creating multiple variations, and since that's how you want, I'm marking this ticket as feature request, so that if more members finds this helpful, the more it'll be considered down the plugin roadmap.

    Kind Regards,

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