Adding/Eliminating Color Options from GridMarket

Have two child themes (one for supporters), would like to offer some of the theme options differently for each. The first one I want to start with will be making the non-supporter have only one color option. So maybe an explanation of that and a general idea of how the rest of the options can be changed?

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  • Mason
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    Hiya Eric,

    I'll ask the theme designer to chime in as well (better to get it direct from the source), but should be fairly easy to do this.

    In your non-supporter version of the child theme, simply look at the options folder and remove any of the options you don't want in options-values.php

    The theme styles especially are all set as an array making it easy to remove one or all of the styles.

    Hope this helps!

  • DavidM
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    Hiya Eric,

    Stepping in for a quick moment...I actually happened to be working through that one myself recently and really, you can add and remove options (within reason, as Tammie earlier said :slight_smile: ) as you like.

    I was able to get the color options down to a single one with something like the following in options/options-values.php:

    $style_options = array(
    	'red' => array(
    		'value' => 'red',
    		'label' => __( 'Light Red' )

    And I just have to say, it's really cool working with a child theme in this way as you can specify exactly what sub-site users have access to as far as theme options, something that's been requested in pre-sales a few times.


  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    There is a bit more you can do in your child.. you see the actual options for styling are called 'in' the child:


    There you can literally remove / add anything. That should give you far more control over things. Just check your php error logs when doing things like this as some areas may require some settings.

    Worst case you can also just have the style you want ie; orange or something in drop down - works as a simple method.

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