Addition of Multisite broke BuddyPress

I launched my site on a single WP install with Buddypress, then converted it to a multisite in order to be able to create blogs for routine community contributors and give them the opportunity to brand their blogs/sites for a fee.

BP was working fine – I had members and groups created, plus some blog posts. After deactivating all plugins and converting to Multisite, then reactivating the plugins, it seems that Buddypress is only viewable in the plugins list via the Network admin view and not in the main site admin view. The BP config in the network admin view has all features enabled, but the site ( has the following issues:

1) Register page does not exist

2) Although the Community menu item is shown, there is no dropdown menu for it with Groups and Forums in it, and the link on that menu item is and goes nowhere.

3) The Activity menu option shows the activity on the site – friends, blog posts, friend connections, and members joining groups, but that seems to be the only feature of BuddyPress that is working.

Any ideas on how to correct this and get BP working again (preferably with the BP menu within the Site Admin view) would be appreciated.



A separate question, but I’ll ask it here since you’ve got all the context for the site: Can blog posts created on blogs on the multisite installation that are separate from the main site be pulled in and displayed on the main site (either on the page or another page that can be created to aggregate all or selected content)?