Additional export options

A large function of MarketPress on our website is the sale of tickets for our theatre productions. We recently had our first production using MP for the sale of all tickets and found the export feature in need of a few extra features. We need to produce a spreadsheet for each performance’s tickets showing customer details, but this process was made considerably more difficult.

We have a few suggestions/requests to improve the export feature dramatically.

The ability to choose which fields to export .

The ability to choose in which order they appear.

No automatic concatenating of fields, especially forename and surname. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to sort by SURNAME because it’s concatenated with forename. A bizarre coding choice unless, on that rare occasion, you want to find all the Billy-Bob’s in your sales…

This will allow the creating of a spreadsheet containing only the info columns you actually want. Excel Sort can then e.g. alphabetise by surname column.