Additional Storage Plans - not exactly 'cost effective'


I realise WPMU Dev is in business to make money, but have to say the additional storage plans seem a bit excessive if you just need a couple of extra GB for backups.

Due to various issues I've had trying to get Snapshop working reliably with S3 storage for clients site backups (various support tickets logged trying to resolve), I've had to buy the $10 a month plan for an extra 100 GB storage. After a couple of weeks of letting Managed Backups do its stuff, I'm around 2.5 GB over the free 10 GB storage. This means I'm basically paying $120 a year for 2.5 GB which doesn't exactly seem fair. Especially as if the Snapshot plugin was working properly I'd be able to use S3 storage costing around $3.5 a year for the same thing!

Surely there is a fairer way to charge for extra storage for Managed Backups? Like a pay-as-you-go model maybe?


  • James Morris

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your feedback on this issue. I've moved it into the Features & Feedback forum in order to get the attention it deserves.

    Re: Your threads...

    I'm terribly sorry to hear you're having such problems. I will check your account and look into those threads for you and see if there's anything I can do to expedite those tickets. I've configured Snapshot with S3 successfully several times. So, if there's anything I can do to help there, I will.

    Re: Pricing...
    I'm afraid this issue is well above my position. However, I will ping the people who do make this decision in order to make them aware of your feedback.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Fabio Fava

    Hey there...

    As far as I know, Managed Backups are one service, and it's made on WPMU DEV servers. On the other hand, regular Snapshots can be made at S3 or Dropbox.

    That said, I can say that the AWS UX/UI</es> is managed to be nearly as horrible as any of the Google's UX/UI stuff. The worse: this is now becoming a trend, the horrible UX/UI used on these services. It's total non-sense.

    I have Snapshots being taken to my Dropbox and it was a way easier to make it work. It's actually very sad that AWS is such hard to make it work.


    • Mark

      Hi Fabio Fava,

      I've just replied to another comment and your right, the UI is at least one of the issues. I don't know for certain but a quick nose in the code and I think in actual fact the WPMU DEV snapshots are stored on their S3 account, although as I don't work for them I can't say for sure. If that is the case though does really make my point more valid that WPMU DEV are being charged a few cent and I'm being charged hundred odd $$$ to use it :slight_smile:.

      I suspect the issues I have would be the same regardless of the backend storage solution. I ended up using BACKWPUP as well to make sure I had at least one weekly backup of all sites somewhere, so I really am overpaying at the moment! Ironically as well I had to use the one-click-restore feature of the Managed Backup feature for a site and it didn't work! :rolling_eyes: Luckily it was just one of the .sql files in the backup wasn't going into the database via the UI for some reason and managed to manually import them instead. So glad I have several backups though!


      • Fabio Fava

        Hey Mark !

        Replying to yor reply (and the other above), lets assume a few points:

        1) WPMU DEV Managed Backups are stored on their AWS/S3 account.
        2) Managed Backups kinda fail, sometimes when backing up, others when restoring.
        3) AWS seems to be almost the shittiest (maybe Google's is) UX/UI existing.

        The basic conclusion is that S3 backups actually are messy and they tend to not work. If even WPMU DEV, with 600K+ members and a whole bunch of developers working for them, can't make it bullet-proof... Why should anyone else (me or you) manage to make it? I've gave up on AWS and went for other options. Cloudways takes backups for you as much as you ask for (twice a day? for times a day? no problem!) for each of your Servers. Maybe this could help you as it has helped me?

        Just a though, hope it helps in some way, cheers!

        • Mark

          Thanks. I don't think S3 is the issue to be honest as since starting to use BACKWPUP about a month ago, using S3 as it's backing store, I haven't had a single issue or failed backup. Admittedly I've never had to restore from those backups as yet, but from what I can see it's a fairly simple database and files backup so should be ok should I ever need it.

          I host with Cloudways myself but I see their backup as a real last resort backup should the whole server blow up rather than something I would use to simply roll-back something on the site its self, which is what I would use Managed Backups for, with the BACKWPUP backups being a belt-and-braces solution to back Managed Backups up should they fail. I will admit to being a little paranoid about backups as I've worked in large corporate environments where depending on a single backup solution would have been a sure way to ensure I got the sack the day we actually needed to do a restore :slight_smile:. Thus why I have no less than three solutions for site backups at any one time.


  • Fabio Fava

    Hey mark !

    As you've said, despite of Cloudways Backups being made at Server-Level, the Restore is made at App-Level. This means you can restore just one site instead of the whole server. So I can't see any better backup solution than that!

    I use Snapshot for DB Backups, and I already had to restore a couple times (before getting all my sites and clients sites into Cloudways), and it works. I've also attempted a couple times to restore from WPMU DEV Managed Backups, but I always had some kind of trouble when restoring. Including have to restore a full Server Backup (other host before Cloudways).

    So basically, I have a daily Cloudways Full Backup. Restoring is a breeze, and things get back to the restored state in a couple minutes, nearly no downtime (few seconds I assume).

    Hope it helps, cheers!

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