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Just installed. I reviewed the array for additional tags and all looks good.

Once installed I tried adding an embed code. I switch to html > add embed code > switch back to visual and it strips out the embed code.

Am I missing something?!

I have always been able to embed code by editing in HTML and publishing without switching to visual. I thought the whole purpose of this plugin was to prevent our embedded code from being stripped out when we go to edit a post that has an embed code in it.

If you could please enlighten me on how to effectively use this plugin.



  • Sue
    • Recruit

    Hi Pat, the idea of this plugin is to allow your users to be able embed other code. It doesn’t change the fact that with some embed code it will strip out the code when you switch back to the Visual Editor. This is why on Edublogs we always recommend to our users to remain in HTML editing mode once new code has been added and changing back when they start to write a new post.

    Also in case you haven’t done this step – before uploading the additional_tags.php file you need to open it up to modify it to include only the tags you want.

    Hope this has helped and Happy New Year!

  • wlpdrpat
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Sue,

    Not sure I get the point of this plugin then. I have always been able to add code to posts that the editor strips out when you change between HTML and Visual. If you just keep it in HTML when you update the code works – even without this plugin. I thought this plugin would get rid of the stripping when changing back to Visual. Kind of a bummer.

    So, if the code still gets stripped when you switch back to visual editor – what is the actual purpose of the plugin – I mean what does it prevent from being stripped?


    The code I am entering is a link to a css file, e.g.

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/custom.css" />

    I use a custom css file on certain posts to create special effects that I don’t want on all posts. I was looking at use the CusomPress plugin to achieve this but I don’t think it is quite ready yet – still a few bugs to work out.

    Essentially, because WP does not allow selecting a template for Posts you have a limited capacity for customizing the look of a post. So, I created my own little work around by adding a custom css file. Of course, the problem I run into is when I go (or one of my users) decides to edit the post the visual editor strips out my css link. This also means that my favorite way of adding content – via Windows Live Writer – doesn’t work properly because WP strips out the links for css and js files.

    I was hoping this plugin would help to resolve the issue of WP stripping out the links to both of these items.

    2011 is going to be a fantastic year!!


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