additional user fields in User Admin Setup and automation


Anyone able to point me to a solution where i can add additional fields for user self register or administrator initiated setup where i or user can add, edit, delete custom fields such as:

Dog 1:

1. type of dog breed (dropdown list)

2. Age of dog

3. Weight of dog

4. Dog’s name (set as nick name)

5. Add picture as avatar

6. Vet information

7. Health info (check boxes)

8. sex of dog

9. characteristics

Dog 2: same info collected as Dog 1

Dog 3: same info collected as Dog 1

Once certain fields are populated, i’d like to send information to the user – let’s say they selected a Poodle, then i would like to auto send information i have on my site (files, links, etc) to the email of the user.

I know it’s a big wish but i’m sure someone here has tried to manage users that have additional characteristics that are valuable in their management.



(be gentle, i’m still a major newbie with big dreams)